Allama iqbal poetry Allama iqbal Quotes in urdu

Allama Iqbal poetry Allama Iqbal Quotes in Urdu. there are a many name of quotes in subcontinent they play a great role in the Urdu language in these great poets allama Iqbal is on the top of the list allama Iqbal is one of the great poet in sub continent that why they also got the title or nick name of shair e mashiq allama Iqbal.You can share your feelings your love and any words you want to say to anyone in your life you can say easily by finding allama iqbal poetry Allama iqbal Quotes  image and share on the you social media profile. If you want to make it private then share these pictures in private message. Allama iqbal poetry Allama iqbal Quotes in urdu

Allama Iqbal Poetry In Urdu

Allama iQbal Quotes

(1) Kon Kar Sakta Hai Uss Ki Aatish Soozan Ko Sard
Jis Ke Hungamon Mein Ho Iblees Ka Souz-e-Daroon

(2) Hai Azal Se In Gharibon Ke Muqaddar Mein Sujood
In Ki Fitrat Ka Taqaza Hai Namaz-e-Be Qayam

(3) Ye Humari Saee-e-Peham Ki Karamat Hai Ke Aaj
Sufi-o-Mullah Mukuliyat Ke Bande Hain Tamam

(4) Hai Mere Dast-e-Tasarruf Mein Jahan-e-Rang O Bu
Kya Zameen, Kya Mehar O Mah, Kya Asaman-e-Tu Ba Tu

(5) Chasme Alam Se Rahe Poshida Ye Aaeen To Khoob
Ye Ghanimat Hai Ke Khud Momin Hai Mehroom-e-Yaqeen

(6) Ane Wale Se Maseeh-e-Nasiri Maqsood Hai
Ye Mujaddid, Jis Mein Hon Farzand-e-Mariam Ke Sifat?

(7) Khair Issi Mein Hai, Qayamat Tak Rahe Momin Ghulam
Chor Kar Auron Ki Khatir Ye Jahan-e-Be-Sabat

Allama Iqbal Quotes With Images

allama iqbal

(1) Every moment do I dread the awakening of this community
Whose religion is, in reality, nothing short of taking account of the universe

(2) Keep him well absorbed in the thought and contemplation of God in pre‐morning hours:
Ye all make him grow stronger in his monastic disposition

(3) Among st this people there are still to be seen a few
Which still a spark of ambition hidden in its ashes retains

(4) The only menace I anticipate may come that community:
Who go so far as to perform their ablutions with the tears of pre‐morning hours.


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