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English Poetry Love Poetry English Status For Her. It was written about seven years ago and she only needed to shorten it and put it into text message form. It was inspired, she said, by her fascination at what she saw on the streets of London.”Every day, if you look, you see so many discarded letters and photographs. , all about people wanting people to love them”.She added that she was attracted to dark subject matter, and the film she was working on was about grief and how you overcome it. The second prize of £500 went to Sharon Mann, a 30-year-old English teacher from Leeds, who works at a secondary school in Wake field with her partner, 35-year-old history teacher, Mike Maw son. She says he wrote most of it on the subject of how boring most days are.We Have Good stuff on love poetry and English poetry fb Status love text English Poetry Love Poetry English Status For Her collection download…

English Poetry And Love Poetry

(1) The sun is for you, and light is for me, Everything is for you, and you Pare for me.

(2) If you were my valentine I’d find the softest rose to gently brush against those sweetest lips, the angels chose

(3) my heart is like a flower
craving for your morning kiss

mere words cannot pay homage
to a passion such as this

English love poetry for her

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English poetry And English Status

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(4) Glory of the day, soundless and restrain,

With dark clouds, and blessings of rain,

(5) Clouds on way, the splashing of drops,

Cheers of birds, whispers of waves with fame.

Now soothing of rain, with rainbow’s name,

Praising in a way,

this is blessed in all ways.

English love poetry

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