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Good Morning Quotes Morning Images For Him And Her. You have just woken up early and you want to be the first person to wish your friend, your close friend or your boyfriend a good day? You will find here many texting / SMS ideas to say hello in an original, funny or simply classic way to a friend or your wife / husband. Good Morning Quotes Morning Images Be the first person to put a smile on your friend’s face or darling / darling. Another good idea to surprise someone in the morning: Good Morning Quotes Morning Images have flowers delivered to him! Some examples What could be more romantic than sending the woman or the man of her life a message in the morning to wish her good morning or good day? Here are some examples of texting lovers! Classic, poetic or romantic models. Good Morning Quotes Morning Images

(1) Good Morning Quotes And Images

Good morning Quotes

Good morning images

Wake up my flower!

You are like the morning dew, sweet, fresh and beautiful!
I wish you a nice day, my darling.

The blue of the day replaces the black of the night
The song of the birds, the silence of the night
The dew of the flowers, the mist of the night
What a sweet omen!
I wish you the most wonderful day

Hello my darling / my darling
The day begins and I send you a sweet kiss on your forehead
Let’s start the day slowly as more kisses will follow during the day!
Very good morning to you!

I love the morning because I know that I will send you a little message to wish you Hello, and that a small smile will appear on our faces. It’s a very nice way to start the day!

What does the perfect start of the day look like? A nice yawn on your sweet face, a cup of a nice hot coffee, a ray of sunshine on your neck, and an SMS from me on your cell phone. Have a nice day.

A new day is like a blank piece of paper. Fill it with colors and smiling characters! Imagine to create the most beautiful drawings! I send you virtual color pencils to embellish your day!

(2) Good Morning Quotes And Images

Good morning image

morning images


We have Impressive stuff on morning SMS Morning wishes And Good morning Quotes Morning images  Morning Quotes 

A morning is something wonderful, whether cloudy or sunny. It is synonymous with hope and gives us a new beginning to what we call “life”. Good day to you.

Every moment is a gift! That’s why we call it the present! Have a good day !

It seems that the dearest people in our hearts are the ones we think about when we wake up. You are one of those people because you are my best friend, my soul mate.

I send you a little message so that you start your day with a happy thought. Forget the shadows of yesterday and move towards the light of today. The sun will guide you. Have a good day !

The morning hare can not be caught by a greyhound.

Praise the beautiful day in the evening and in the morning our host.

If a thing is as clear to you as it is in the morning, say it, if you do not go away.

In the morning for the righteous; the night for the wicked.

We recognize the beautiful day in the morning.

Whoever makes his bed every morning does not worry about it all day long.

Morning brunette, beautiful and clear day.

Overcast, long morning, but then short day.

Rain in the morning makes the pilgrim come out; at noon at the same time, let him go inside.

The non-morning fox does not have a feathery muzzle.

May the morning rooster be the first of your pets.

The truth and the morning become light with time.

Clouds red in the Orient, morning rain coming.

When there is none at night, there is none in the morning either.

Where a man must die, he goes there early in the morning.

Every morning brings his bread.

Whoever gets up early in the morning is blessed by God.

Morning work is worth gold.

It is at dawn that we know the good morning.

The morning is wiser than the evening.

The man is wiser in the morning than he was the day before.

In the morning, the orange is golden; at noon she is of money; in the evening, she is lead.

Every morning becomes evening.

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