Love SMS Love Text Love Messages And Love Quotes

Love SMS Love Text Love Messages And Love Quotes. From you to me, I asked ten people the question, and only three were able to give me the right definition, amazing no Millions of Love SMS travel daily from one laptop to another around the world, and seven out of ten people are unaware of the meaning of Love TextLove SMS Love Text Love Messages And Love Quotes Well, let’s talk a little love, and learn some love Message Service to send to love your life. But it is true that there are several ways to express his love SMS. You can do it in a simple way with Love SMS Love Text Love Messages And Love Quotes

Love SMS Love Messages And Quotes

Love SMS

(1) Love is the only feeling that makes us cherish to the caprices and crosses of the loved one, the last effort of a sincere friendship only going to make us bear.

(2) Love is loved neither by two persons nor twice in the same way.

(3) In love, one must not always know what one says.

(4) Love has days of tigress and hours of gazelle.

(5) Love, as he does well with youth, as he sings well in his voice, as he jokes well with his smile, as he waves well on his lips, as he desires with shamelessness, as he leaves content and as he returns joyful!

(6) One has love more or less greedy; some lovers recall the lost child to the chin in his sandwich.

(7) Love does not prove itself, it tests; he does not prove himself, he shows himself.

(8) True love is recognized by two authentic signs, constancy and self-forgetfulness.

(9) Love is a fire, the heat of which is damped for want of food, and cooling is more prompt when the flame has more surface than depth, when the body loves more than the soul.

(10) Love is a novel to which women serve as editors.

(11) Love is an emanation from heaven, it is like a part of the divine substance. Love gives life its savor, its strength and its fullness. Like a sun, it dissipates the clouds, like a balm, it softens the bitterness. When one loves, one has the heaven within oneself, our heaviest burdens become light, our greatest tribulations are full of charms.

(12) Love is a secret between two hearts, a mystery between two souls.

Love SMS Love Text And Love Quotes

love Text

“I love you”, “I love you”, “I’m crazy / crazy about you” … (it’s fast but effective). love SMS love Text You can also do it more expressively by describing your feelings, Love SMS Love Text Love Messages And Love Quotes your passion or quoting a romantic phrase from a great author who may have had the right words to describe exactly how you feel, or to end by writing a love text completely original and fun.Love SMS Love Text Love Messages And Love Quotes 

(13) Love is a spring plant that perfumes all of its hope, even the ruins where it clings.

(14) When we love, we love everything. Everything is seen in blue when we wear blue glasses. Love, like the rest, is only a way of seeing and feeling. It is a slightly higher point of view, a little broader; there are infinite perspectives and boundless horizons.

(15) Love, after all, is only a superior curiosity, an appetite for the unknown which pushes you into the storm, with open chest and head in front.

(16) Love consists of so many sensations that it will always leave new things to say. In general, it is known only in proportion to the cost to the heart. This idea, which at first seems paradoxical, is, at bottom, of the greatest accuracy. When love is in accord with social conventions, it leads by a slope so rapid to happiness, that it can scarcely be felt entirely; then the sanctity of marriage, regulating love, condemns it to a kind of tranquility which, by being soft and peaceful, lulls it and puts it to sleep.

(17) Love resembles an impetuous torrent which carries everything in its rapid course, but it loses its force as it expands. Friendship resembles a majestic river rolling its waters in a rich plain, and continually increasing its growth.

(18) Love is a real state of intoxication, it is an imperious feeling that dominates all others.

(19) Love! a consuming fire that consumes the soul, a source of voluptuousness and suffering, made for the happiness and misfortune of men, you would be the sovereign good if, when you are happy, you could subsist! Your charms are unspeakable, you alone can fill the heart entirely. Two lovers are self-sufficient; the rest of the universe is nothing for them.

(20) The true Christian is the most beautiful image of God on earth, it is wisdom in action. The Christian knows all that one needs to know, wants everything he needs, and can do whatever he wants. His intellectual power is in his faith, his active power in charity, his happiness in hope.

(21) Do not speak of impossibility, love does not know; he crosses the mountains, he crosses the seas, he cleaves the rocks. Ardent like the flame, strong as the lion, sweet as the dove, love is transformed and multiplied to multiply its benefits. He knows no rest, and at every cries of distress he runs; he knows no exceptions, he is all things to all; in vain hatred roars around him, in vain pride unleashes all his rage against him; love hears nothing, feels nothing, it responds only to the inner voice which impels it to immolate itself. O Prodigy, O power of love!

(22) Love grows with obstacles, to overcome them; he finds in himself his energy, his emulation, his reward; devotion is its very substance, sacrifice its only nourishment.



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