Romantic Poems Sad Poems And Love Poems For Her

Romantic Poems Sad Poems And Love Poems For Her. For hundreds of years men have sent sweet little words to their lines. And even though romance and postal mail so many to disappear, some still love to send love messages to their darling.  If you lack inspiration to write a romantic message for her or him, simply browse this page to find the text that will match your relationship.You will find beautiful and poetic texts for a woman or for a man. Romantic Poems Sad Poems And Love Poems For Her We Are for our visitors to show them lovely stuff on romantic poems sad poems and love poems you can also see further stuff on birthday Quotes Anniversary Quotes love SMS And sad poems and love poems 

Romantic Poems And Love Poems

(1) The ghost that hunts, but hasn’t died.
He left after only a short time.
Never wrote or so I thought.
Years pass and something tore him a part….

(2) To envelop what you alone can engrave,
To be present when you steal by those stone faces,
To remove the golden stillness from their houses,
To paint windows in the clouds with their silver etchings;

(3) View the rain, before it pours—while it is stored.
Witness thunder prior to the boom,
Can you see the soundless scene within that room?
Where everything you’ve done comes back to prove

Romantic Poems And Sad Poems For Her

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(4) The sequences of this world are not making you.
Tell me you have not written a word since your neglected youth,
But laugh with a smile stained red with wine, when you learn the truth.
You are writing as you walk among the tranquil graves.

(5) “I have slept with you all night long while the dark earth spins with the living and the dead, and on waking suddenly i

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