Best Sad Love Messages Poetry Quotes 2016

Best Sad Love Messages Poetry Quotes 2016 is a probably the most loved topic by sad poetry readers…love sad poetry & sad messages  is Sad Love Messages by Urdu readers love sad poetry is very joyful for the lovers? Both Genders enjoy this happy moments the poetry in the world which  is rich in tradition is known as Urdu poetry poetry is voice of our inner soul in The form of words peoples use poetry when they have to feel to show off your feelings for someone Poetry is creative careful, Sad Love Messages term of Alphabets written in 0rder to convey s0me ideas as a literary composition poetry awoke the emotion and feelings in mind poetry makes great Effect on sad poetry lovers And our home land have A   great blessing of Allah we have All facilities And price our land makes a large number of poets the poets which Are a simbul of Urdu culture the big name in urdu poets of Pakistan the one  And only poet who have a great name in poetry is Allama iQbal He is Awarded by the name Shair-e-mashriq in English language the Allama is A poet of eastern world one one is on his level

(1) best love poetry sms

(2) love sad poetry


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 (4)love sad poetry


(5)  Best sad messages

love And care remove distance between two heart or two lovers check this out over beat sad messages  and Urdu sad poetry sms love sms collection and send your love ones or friend u r really enjoy this makes you happy an sensitive in the matter of love so dont go And Stay with us for the latest collection of  sms in which sad messages Urdu sad poetry sms


HAm Tmhen Muft men j0 mily hen

QAdar na krna haQ h Tmhara..


A Great relationship is formed because of  tw0 reas0ns :

First is t0 find 0ut the similarities

AND second is to respect the differenCes.

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