1st Death Anniversary Quotes and Prayer for Remembering Your Late Mother

No matter how hard you try, losing your mother to the cold hands of death will always leave you with an excruciatingly painful scar and an unforgettable memory that you might never be able to get over.

However, when your mom is gone to be with the lord in heaven, It is ideal to always find a way to commemorate your mom’s absence with emotional death anniversary quotes for mother in heaven.

There are many ways to commemorate the death of mom e.g. taking flowers to her gravesite, visiting the cemetery or taking part in a church service with other members of the family, preparing moms favorite meal for a family gathering, or wearing black to show you are mourning for your late mom in paradise.

Regardless of the approach, you take to mark the 1st death anniversary of your mom, It is ideal to use one 1 year death anniversary prayer for mom that you can post on your social media wall or alternatively pen down in a death anniversary card for your mom.

Wondering what to say on the death anniversary mom. Scroll down below to find the warmest and heartfelt 1st mother’s death anniversary and prayer that you can use to remember your mom’s death anniversary.

1 Year Mother Death Anniversary Prayer
1st Death Anniversary Quotes and Prayer for Remembering Your Late Mother

1 Year Mother Death Anniversary Prayer

Mom, it’s been one year since you left us but you have never left our hearts. Not a day goes by that I don’t pray the bless you with peace as you rest in his bosom.

You might have gone to be with the lord mom but your influence on us will never leave us any day or anytime. Since you left I’ve been drowned in grief, therefor today is your 1st death anniversary I ask that the lord comfort your soul.

Who would have thought that on this day one year ago that we will be commemorating your death anniversary other than your birthday or any other joyful anniversary? I just pray that the lord will give you a deserving rest.

I know you are in heaven mom, I know you are right there with the lord, his angels, and the elders, therefore I pray that he the lord will bless you with all that you seek for there in his kingdom. Rest on my wonderful mother.

To my mom in heaven, I really do not know what the order of the day would be over there in paradise but because it’s the day which you went to be with them, I am asking the lord to usher you into eternal rest. Amen.

Every little thing makes me think of you and makes me feel close to you. I shall always love you. Never leave my thoughts or heart, my love. Even though you’re no longer here, I can still see your smile.

When I got the news that you gave up the ghost at your workplace, I nearly was out of my mind because then I knew that the world was over for me, and today even though it’s 1 year ago I still feel the pain fresh in my heart!

My mom, In honor of your death anniversary your parents and siblings have gathered here today to commemorate this day while also consoling us the children. We really do miss you and wish you were here my love.

One Year Death Anniversary Prayer

Ever since you left, I am yet to get over the shock that the news of your death inflicted on me 1 year ago. I still pray that the lord gives you back to us even if it’s for a day so we can be in your care once more. Miss you mommy!

It’s a shame that after striving to see that all of your kids become a graduate, you won’t be here to witness any of us graduate from school. I pray that as you strived to see us become somebody in life the lord will reward you more. Amen!

Mom I pray for you as you go about your time in heaven that the lord who ensured that efforts towards your kids were crowned with success, will reward you bountifully as you are in his bosom in heaven. Miss you mom.

Even in your death, mother, I pray that you will be blessed amongst women (both living and the dead). May the lord reward you with comfort and peace everlasting. Love and miss you my sweet mother who left us one year ago.

Dear mother in heaven, As we honor you today, The prayer of me and the siblings is that you find peace while you rest in the Lord’s bosom because we certainly are fine even though we would have been better off if you were here. I miss you my dear mom!

Wifey ever since you left one year ago, Life has not been the same for me, I have been a shadow of myself because I miss your love every single now and then. I ask that the lord immerse you in peace!

My mom when are you coming to see us again? Because it’s been one year of your demise and we just can’t be ourselves ever since, please come home soon me and the kids are missing you so much.

No matter how much I have tried, I get to realize that nothing will ever compare to having you around. Not only do I miss you, but I do also miss having your presence where I can live in your sweet fragrance. I love and miss you, mom!

1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Mother

You really did strive so hard to see that all of your kids are successful in life and destiny, even though I am grateful that your effort did not go to waste I am crying that we lost you one year when you should be reaping your fruit of labor.

I have not been myself ever since you kicked the bucket on this day one year ago. I have tried but it always seems like my trying never helps. I really do wish you can come down and assist me so as to uplift this burden from me.

After your death, Life became a living hell for us. One year has passed and me and my siblings are yet to get over the hurt and grief your death brought unto us. We miss your care mom.

I have been crying every day since you left 365 days ago. I really do not know how to tackle life without you mom because you have always been my light and my defendant. I really do miss you, my sweet mom.

Mom, Since you kicked the bucket one year ago I have not gotten the same type of care I got from you while you were here with us on earth. I really do miss and love you my mother.

Mother, I know that when you are looking down from heaven, you will be sad to see how I haven’t been myself since you left me and the family a year ago, but that just goes to show how much I need you. To my mother who is a QUEEN, you are missed and loved.

I miss your care mom, I miss your good food mom, I miss your company mom, I miss your advice mom, I miss you mom. It’s been one year since your demise but I am yet to be myself.

I have really tried to understand why I have been acting strange in the last 300+ days but my effort always proved futile. It was not until last week when I remembered your death anniversary is this week that it clocked me that your demise is why I have never been me in like 365 days now.

1st Death Anniversary Message for Mother

Mom, I got a gist for you. Dad, brother, sister, myself, your parents, and siblings have never been the same Ever since you left to be with the lord and his angels in heaven. We really do miss you my sweet mother.

What happens when you scatter the foundation of a building? Well the whole building itself will collapse and lose its structure. That’s exactly what has happened to our family since you left 1 year ago. We miss you mother.

If we could get you back just for today in honor of your death anniversary memorial, It would surely be the biggest win for this family amidst all of the hard times we are going through because of losing you one year ago.

Mommy, we really love you, although we tend to miss you more. It’s been 365 days since you went belly up. Ever since Life for us has been mourning upon mourning. As we honor a Queen on her 1st death anniversary we pray for eternal peace and comfort.

Mom, prior to your death one year, I have always thought of dad to be a superman. However, when you kicked the bucket I saw dad very vulnerable for the first time while also crying out his eyes. Since you left he has never been himself. We miss you mom.

Mom 1 year ago to this day we lost you to the cold hands of death. Even though so much has happened ever since then I still believe they will be more meaningful if you were here to witness any of it.

It’s been a whole 365 days later and I am still trying to fill up the huge hole you left in my heart. My dear late mother, I really do wish I can get things going but I really do miss you and wish death did not snatch you away from me.

I really do not know what I would have done with life if not for the wonderful advice you gave me while you were still alive. Thanks for all you did for me while you were alive. I love and miss you.

One Year Death Anniversary Quotes for Mom

It’s been one year since your demise mom, I really do not know how I have been able to fair with life without you. As you relax in the bosom of the lord I ask that you continue to guide me. best wishes mom!

How I have survived the past year up until now without you being present is truly a miracle that can’t be replicated in other situations. I really miss you mother and don’t forget to be fine.

Dear mom, it’s your 1st death anniversary today, I choose to honor you because I miss you so much and wish to have you by my side today as I go about with my daily activities. I hope the lord will comfort you now and forever.

After 1 year of your passing away, Whenever I look back to all that you achieved while still on earth, It makes me so honored and extremely grateful to be your child. Until we meet never depart again, for now, rest in peace mother.

It might be 1 year already however I still miss you like it was just yesterday you went to be with the lord, If I truly have my way, I would prefer to spend it in heaven with you but since it’s impossible, I wish you a great day in heaven.

Considering all that you have done for me. Showing gratitude and honoring you on a day like this are the least two things I can do to show how much grateful I am for your sacrifice for us while you were on earth.

You really sacrificed a lot to see that our family really did not beg for food or lack the most basic things of life. Mom although you have gone to be with the lord for one year now, I still want to let you know, you are the best thing that happened to me.

When you left I cried so much that I thought I would give up the ghost, I have been trying my best not to be overwhelmed by your loss but it’s all to no avail. Mommy, I do miss you.

First Death Anniversary Message for Mother

Mom do you really think I would have gotten over it because it’s been 365 days since your demise? That’s not even possible because I am not even making an attempt to stop missing you.

I’ve done my best to be strong in the face of your loss, but I have to admit that it’s been the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do. Mom, I sincerely wish you were here today to commemorate your first death anniversary because I miss you a lot.

I know they say men don’t cry, but this has not been the case for me, I have cried at every single chance that I have got ever since I lost you my beautiful mom to the cold hands of death 1 year ago.

Mom, Losing you to that sickness was really an eye-opener for me and it thought me so much about life as well as its importance. It’s your first year of being with the lord, I hope you find rest and comfort.

365 days have gone by since you gave up the ghost and went to be with the lord God. Of a truth those 365 days have been the worst ones of my life, Things are going from bad too because I can barely handle them myself. I miss you mother.

First Year Death Anniversary Prayer for Mother

Mother, It’s been one year since I last saw you. I’m sure you’ve been keeping an eye on me from above all these years. I respectfully request God to treat you with kindness, just as you did for us.

I know it’s been 1 year since you were gone but If I was presented the chance I would already have given my life to reunite you with me once more. Every day I ask God for you. Every single minute, mum, I miss you!

You have always kept the family close by showing it through love, care, and compassion. I beseech the Almighty to grant you eternal peace in exchange. In paradise, you have a place.

You are the first sincere and devout individual I can recall seeing. Being a child of yours makes me feel fortunate every day. God provides you the highest recompense that only you are deserving of, I pray!

You are as much a part of my memory as I am. Mom, may God provide you peace in heaven. Its been 1 year since you are gone but the one thing I regret most about myself, mother, is that I didn’t tell you how much I loved you when you were here.

Oh God, I ask that your omnipotent love fill my heart and take away its pain. In our grief over the passing of our mother, may God console me and my siblings. Mom, I pray that God would guide me toward accepting your passing and that he will pour his love into my heart.

1 year has passed since your death but In spite of everything, I still miss you terribly. I wish you were aware of how much I think and pray for you every single day. God grant you continued joy up there!

It was until today being your 1st death anniversary that I now understand that no matter what I do, I cannot bring you back to us. In light of this, I beseech God to maintain you in the most serene and lovely location possible in heaven. Amen!

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