1 Year Death Anniversary Quotes and Prayers for Sister to Remember My Sister in Heaven

No matter how hard you try, losing your sister to the cruel hands of death will always leave you with an excruciatingly sore scar that you might never be able to get over.

However, when it has been one year since your sister has gone to be with the lord in heaven, It is ideal to always find a way to commemorate her absence with a sad 1st death anniversary of sister in heaven.

There are many ways to commemorate the first death anniversary of your sister e.g giving flowers and wreaths to the gravesite of your sister, visiting the cemetery or taking part in a church service with other members of the family, preparing her favorite meal for family gatherings or wear black to show you are in mourning for your sister.

Regardless of the approach, you take to mark the 1 year anniversary of your sister’s death, It is ideal to use a one year death anniversary sister quotes that you can post on your social media wall or alternatively pen it down in a death anniversary card for your sister.

Scroll down below to find the most emotional first death anniversary quotes for sister that you can use to remember your sister on her death anniversary and wish her well.

1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Sister
1 Year Death Anniversary Quotes and Prayers for Sister to Remember My Sister in Heaven

1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Sister

My dear sister, 1 year has passed since you left this wicked world to go and be with the lord. Not a day has passed by without me missing you and the wonderful company you usually offer me while you were alive. I miss you, sis, may your soul rest in peace.

Today makes it one year without your care, advice, and love. Big sis, I really do miss and It hurts me that death had to take you away from me this early in life. I hope to see you soon, my dear sister.

One year has gone by since you exited this world, to me it’s just like yesterday cos everything is still fresh in my heart and the pain sustained from losing you to the cold hands of death has never left me.

When you left this world one year ago, every day I usually cry and ask god why he choose to take away my sister who is my best friend, playmate, and partner in crime. But seem God knows best than I do.

Why wonderful individuals don’t live that long on earth is still a mystery to me. I was never a believer of that quote until I lost you one year ago to death and I was able to relate to it and then ask the same question every day.

It’s no surprise that one of my regrets of losing you is that my kids won’t be opportune to witness such an amazing person (aunty) that you are and experience all of the love that you have to offer. I wish to have you back my sister.

I know we can’t and shouldn’t question the way of the lord and his decisions but his decision to take you away from me and the family, I have always questioned him about it. That is because I really can’t do without you my sweet sister.

Hey sis, I am certain you can see and hear me from up above. I remember you today being 1 year ever since you have up the ghost, believe me when I say it’s so sad to know we can no longer spend time together. I miss you, sis.

One Year Remembrance of My Late Sister

Hi sis, It was as though I spent a long period in hibernation since the idea that I wouldn’t have to see you again absolutely tore me to pieces. Even terrible, it seems to me, is that I now have to commemorate your first death anniversary.

The thought of not seeing you anymore really did affect me negatively, however, what is more, worse is that your kids won’t see you anymore and might not get to know the kind of person you truly are.

After one year of your demise, I have now realized that your kids won’t be opportune to be raised under your tutelage and wonderful guidance so as to experience your warmness. Sis me and your kids do miss you so much!

If I think of the cause of your demise it breaks my heart more than your death itself, because it was caused by something that could have been avoided at least. Sis, I miss you so much!

It’s your 1st death anniversary. We shouldn’t have been celebrating stuff like this If that man was not drunk driving. Anytime I remember that scenario I just can’t help but cry out of my eyes. Sister, I miss you much!

I wish you were today, to witness our last born celebrate his birthday other than we celebrating your death anniversary. I do not know how but I wish there was a way to ask the lord to release you to us today so we can at least see you once again and spend time together.

Ever since your demise 1 year ago, I have always felt your presence around me, while I walk, sleep, and go about my day-to-day activities, and the rest. I believe you are guiding me and hence I thank you for that. make sure to rest in peace today.

Death, they said, is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, I only got to realize this when you left me in this wicked world to rest in the Bossom of the lord. Sis, it’s been 1 year since you left, I miss you so much.

1 Year Death Anniversary Quotes for Sister

One year ago, Who would have thought that you would be here with us today? My cute wonderful sister I really do miss you playing with me and supporting me through the hard times of life. Rest on big sis.

Exactly 1 year since you kicked the bucket and became a ghost and your absence are already evident in my life and the family in general. Sis, you are truly irreplaceable, and wish you were here today.

My dearest sister, Surviving until now without you is a big miracle and mystery beyond my explanation. When you gave up the ghost one year ago, I never thought I would survive until now because of the pain your death caused me. I am happy to be fine today, but I’m sad because you are not here with me.

Your death left me with so much pain that I thought of giving up the ghost the next day just to be with you. I can’t believe it’s one year already and now I have to mourn your death once more. I miss and love you, sis.

Dear sis, your kids which you left behind are now so grown up to become such lovely souls like you were. The kids and every member of the family always miss you so much. Therefore we honor you today your 1st death anniversary.

The family can’t stop talking about you since you left us to go and rest in the bosom of the lord. Its no doubt that you are a wonderful sister and losing you to the cold hands of death has been the worst thing to occur in this family.

I have always respected your husband as a strong man but when you died I saw him cry for the first and became vulnerable due to the whole situation. Honestly, not a day has passed since one year ago that he does not miss and talk about you.

Despite everyone’s claims that everything gets better with time, even a year later, I still cry uncontrollably because of losing you. How I’ll get over this stage is something I’m not sure of. Sis, I really miss you!

1st Death Anniversary Message for Sister

You know how I have always claimed to be a staunch guy who does not react to situations bla bla bla, well, when you dies one year ago I got realize that I thought so because I have never lost someone as special as you once. I have not stopped crying, sis.

Remember how you do carry me around while I was still little? I miss all of those now and wish I could get to experience them for a day once more. Sis, I miss you and I hope you are having a great time in heaven.

There is no doubt that if the heavens had visiting hours allocated to each person on earth I would be the one from earth who visits frequently, just because I would want to spend my day just chatting with you. It’s been one year and still miss you so much.

It was until when I lost you to death 1 year ago, that I truly realized how much I never appreciated your presence and how extensively I never told you I love you. It really hurt me to know now and it makes me miss you more.

Mom has never been herself since you left us on this day last year. She wakes up crying and goes to bed all in tears. I truly wish there was a way heaven can release you to her today so both of you can reunite at least for today.

To my little sister who is in heaven and went to be with the lord one year ago, As we mark your death anniversary today I really want to let you know how much we do miss you here and wish to have you back once more.

When I received the news of your death a year ago, I was devasted, that alone broke me and kicked me into near depression. While you were here you meant so much to me and even now that you are in heaven you still remain who you are to me.

It’s been a year ever since you gave up the ghost but it’s still fresh in my mind and I still feel the void your death left in my heart. No one can replace you, my sis. Love and miss you.

One Year Death Anniversary Quotes for Sister

I never believed I would lose my sister to a minor sickness that would have been cured if the doctors had detected things earlier. Every day I still cry and ask God why he chose you out of all the things in my life.

I cry so much whenever I see your last child whom you brought into the earth before giving up the ghost on the hospital bed. The thought of him never seeing you and getting breastfed by you really does break me. Please sis, come back soon.

Your death really did hit me hard because I was never around to tell you how much I loved you and what you mean to me as a sister. It hurts even more now that I have lost you and have to commemorate your 1st death anniversary.

Your family (husband and kids have not been the same since your demise. Due to your absence, They have really even struggled to go about doing the most basic things. Sis, we miss you and hope to see you again.

One year of not having you around has really matured me. I now shoulder all of the family responsibilities and have to care for the younger ones at the same time. It saddens me to know that you won’t be here to witness it cos I trust you would have patted me on the back.

In the past 1 year, all thanks to what you thought me before your demise, I have grown from being a kid to being a man. I am sure you would be proud of me from heaven above. For me, I hope you find rest and comfort.

I owe my growth and dedicate all that I have achieved in this past year to you because you were the one who thought me all of this and today even in your absence they have been my path guide to survival. I miss you sis.

Best wishes on the 1st year death anniversary of losing my loving sister, who is also my best friend! It’s difficult to live on this earth knowing full well you won’t be here. Nonetheless, I hope everything is going well for you in heaven.

First Death Anniversary Message for Sister

Sis I know it has been one year since you gave up the ghost, but I believe you can still see me and hear me whenever I read out loud your favorite stories. I really do miss you and hope we can reconnect one day.

I am making this card in remembrance of my late sister who went to be with the lord one year ago on this day. You might be gone, but you will always be by my side, always in my heart. Every day, I think of you. I wish you eternal bliss while you sleep.

I still can’t believe you’re not here with us. I really want to embrace you close. I know you’re having a fantastic time in heaven, as you should! It’s been one year of your death. Make sure to rest in peace sis!

Honestly, If I could turn the hands of time I would turn it back to the first day when this ailment all started so that we could have found a solution for you so fast and not lose you to the cold hands of death! It’s been 1 year of your death but we all miss you!

We enjoyed fantastic encounters throughout your little time on this planet. Those memories with you will last a lifetime because they are my most prized asset. I hope your one year death anniversary will bring me joy!

If I had a time machine to go back in time, I would easily go back to a few minutes or hours before you had that critical accident that claimed your lovely soul away from us on earth. It’s your 1st death anniversary and I still feel the pain of your death as fresh as when it happened.

I am making this card because it’s one year of remembrance of my late sister who gave up the ghost and went to heaven to be with the lord. This will serve as a reminder that you’ll always be in my heart. Every day, I think of you. I wish you eternal bliss while you sleep.

Dearest sister, you have been my support system, backbone, and strength for years. I will always remember you fondly and consider myself the luckiest person to have been a part of your life. You may have gone but will never be forgotten! On your first death anniversary, I hope you find rest.

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