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Who are we? 

Welcome to newlovesms, unquestionably the best source for all things SMS, including prayers, messages, wishes, quotes, and other content to fit any occasion and event.

We understand that sometimes you may not always have the appropriate words to express how you truly feel about a person (lover, friend, family, or classmate) or an occasion.

This is the reason we created newlovesms: to assist you to overcome the difficulty of coming up with the appropriate wording for a certain situation by offering you the best possible and distinctive selections that will enable you to express yourself effectively.

We have everything you need on Newlovesms, whether you’re looking for a fitting;

  • Heartfelt Birthday wishes.
  • Powerful Birthday prayers.
  • touching graduation quotes.
  • Thank you messages.
  • Good morning message for lover.
  • Warming good night messages.
  • Paragraphs for him or her.
  • Apology letters.
  • Quotes about life.
  • Islamic dua.
  • Weekend quotes/messages.
  • Weekday prayers.

you just name it [search it on our website] and we will have it served up to you in a sec.

We are driven by the desire to help you receive the right message or wishes so you can express yourself freely.

You and your loved ones have been taken into consideration when choosing each and every quote on our website.
Spend some time searching until you come up with the ideal quote that perfectly expresses your feelings.

Please contact us if you have any more questions.