Remembrance Death Anniversary Quotes and Prayer for Husband in Heaven

No matter how hard you try, losing your loved one who in this case is your husband, to the harsh hands of death will always leave you with an excruciatingly painful scar and an unforgettable memory that you will never be able to get over.

However, when your husband is gone to be with the lord in heaven, It is ideal to always find a way to commemorate his absence with sad death anniversary quotes for husband in heaven.

There are many ways to commemorate the death of your husband e.g Taking flowers to the gravesite of your husband, visiting the cemetery, taking part in a church service with other members of his family, preparing his favorite meal for family gatherings, or wearing black to show you are in mourning for your husband.

Regardless of the approach, you choose to mark the death anniversary of your husband, It is ideal to use a death anniversary quotes for husband that you can post on your social media wall or alternatively pen down in a death anniversary card for your husband.

Scroll down below to find the most emotional and heart touching husband death anniversary that you can use to remember your husband on his death anniversary and wish him well.

Husband Death Anniversary Quotes
Remembrance Death Anniversary Quotes and Prayer for Husband in Heaven

Husband Death Anniversary Quotes

Hubby ever since you left, Life has not been the same for me, I have been a shadow of myself because I miss your love every single now and then. I ask that the lord immerse you in peace!

Hubby, why did you leave me alone in this wicked world to go and be with the lord? I have been a victim of rejection and shame from my so-called loved ones ever since you kicked the bucket. I hope you find a way to console me.

I might be crying while I write this death anniversary for you my husband, Well it’s because of how much I miss you and hearing your gentle voice that sends shivers down my spine. As you are with the lord, I hope you find peaceful rest.

Raising these kids all by myself has been a hell of a work to do since you kicked the bucket and went to be with the lord. I just wish you waited for some more years to at least guide them to become a young adult.

My husband in heaven I really miss everything about you your care, your advice, how you touch and cuddle me, your warm treatment towards me, and most importantly how well you love me. I hope your afterlife is filled with God’s grace.

How two years have passed since I lost you is beyond my comprehension. It appears to have happened recently. We were reminded by your passing that nothing permanent exists in this world and that we will all perish at the will of God. Don’t worry about us, just be calm in heaven!

Although you left this world many years ago, we still have vivid recollections of you. I hope you have a peaceful slumber in paradise. Even though you are not here anymore, I still think about you frequently. My dear, I hope you are in a better place.

Nothing is more depressing than realizing that the person with whom you shared your favorite memories has also passed away. You may find consolation in preserving that recollection.

Death Anniversary Message for Husband

I have tried my utmost best to cope with life ever since you left but it has been disaster upon disaster for me. Every day I and the kids stay up at night in hope that we might get to see you again.

I have enough of people to do things with, my beloved husband; I just don’t have someone to do anything with. Living two lives is how grief feels. One is the place where you “pretend” that everything is fine, while the other is the place where your heart is in misery and silently screaming.

I am sure you can see, I am aware you can see how I still wet my pillow at night all because of how much I miss you, Can you ask the lord for a day off? so you can come to visit the family. I miss and love you so much boo!

If only heaven had visiting hours, I definitely would have exhausted my lifetime visit pass because I would have spent my day and night right beside you in heaven!

When would I see you again, I am dying of loneliness in this cold world, and I miss your warmth please tell me when you would come to see me again I miss you so much and I can’t be myself anymore ever since your painful demise.

Honey, Your love continues to shine brightly because you were the light of my life. Every day I felt comfort from the memories we shared. Despite the fact that you are no longer physically present, I still sense your love. I pay tribute to our shared joy by remembering our lives together.

The realization that you are no longer here is difficult to grasp. Never a day ends up going by that I don’t think of you. When a loved one passes away, we are left with a gaping hole that never entirely heals.

I have remembered your loss every day for the past 365 days. It strengthens our bond since that is a strong thing. I attempt to endure the years that are simply intolerably difficult.

Death Anniversary Quotes for Husband

What happens when the pillar of a skyscraper is fell? The answer is the whole building would eventually collapse and that is what has happened to me since you gave up the ghost. I hope you look after me and the kids from above. love and miss you my sugar pie.

The kids still ask me after you every day, I just don’t know how to break it to them and that alone is eating me up so badly. I hope that you can give me the courage to speak up to them when next they ask. Rest on in peace honey!

When you left the world, everything began to make sense to me why you always called the world a wicked place to be and a lonely place to be despite its population. I would trade all that I have right now to just be with you for a day! I miss you, my love!

Your absence is making me lose my head, I cry at every single chance I get. I really want to know when I will get to see you again. Please hubby make sure you are watching over me and the kids. Much love from us to you!

Despite the fact that I can no longer touch, hear, or see you, I always sense your presence because you remain alive in my heart. We’ll cross paths once more, my darling.

I still sense your presence and your affection for me every day. My comfort comes from your affection, which I never wanted to be without. I still feel your presence and I know that life is doable without you at my side. You leave this earth, but my heart is still with you, dear.

I’ll occasionally just raise my head, grinned, and said, “I know that was You.” You impacted so many people during your lifetime, and by your death, my dear, many lives were also altered. I sincerely hope you have a good afterlife.

I’ll be able to see you in all the cherished, old locations that my heart carries with it every day. She could now make the grief a companion for the long term and allow it to partake in her thoughts because she was no longer fighting it.

Death Anniversary for Husband

It’s your death anniversary my husband. If death hadn’t ripped you from me in the first place, this should not be a thing. Nevertheless, here I am today, speaking to you, my husband, from a distance. All I can say is that I sincerely wish you were here.

I cry my eyes whenever I do remember that my kids will lack a father figure in their life because you are not here to guide them to masculine growth.

Who would have thought that a time will come when I will commemorate the death anniversary of my husband rather than me and you celebrate our wedding anniversary in style? I honestly hope you are fine wherever you are.

Your death is still a sort of mystery to me because I am yet to really understand what went wrong and how everything played out. I just wish I can rewind time, I would have made sure everything that led to your death never happened.

When I got the news that you gave us the ghost at your workplace, I nearly was out of my mind because then I knew that the world was over for me, and today even though it’s been 3 years I still feel the pain fresh in my heart!

I love you so much that not even death can take it away. Even though death took you from me, it didn’t take away our love for one another. My Love for you is more powerful than demise. I’ll always be in love with you.

Though good men must perish, dear, death cannot erase their reputations. Some in heaven would undoubtedly be celebrating his arrival behind the curtain while we are lamenting your loss.

My tears, which are a manifestation of my sorrow, attest to my love for you. The love we shared helps me get through each day even when you aren’t here. Our love was not broken even by death. You are sorely missed, my husband!

Husband Death Anniversary Message

Your death really hurt me so much because it was a sickness that we could have cured with money but because we never had such at the time I lost you to the cold hands of death. I miss you so much sweedie, make sure to RIP.

Everywhere I go and whatever I do, I only seem to catch a glimpse of you. We share an unbreakable soul, you and I. I’ll accomplish anything you started but didn’t finish for you, my KING. I love and miss you so much!

Hey my husband, I am certain you can see and hear me from up above. I remember you today, being 1 year ever since you gave up the ghost, believe me when I say it’s so sad to know we can no longer spend time together. I miss you, my love.

My sweetheart, I know you’re watching from above and listening. Nothing is more important to me than your love. Your memories will always make me smile, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I miss you.

It’s your death anniversary today, hubby, I know you are sitting in the right hand of God and enjoying your birthday in heaven. I hope the angels and elders in heaven will make today worthwhile for you. I miss you so much, hubby!

I will always genuinely love you, even after I’m gone. You were my closest friend in addition to my hubby. Even though you passed away, I still sense you there, keeping an eye on me. I am confident that we will reunite at some point.

When I call you by name, my husband, I try to hold back my tears, but the hurt in my heart never goes away. There is no one who misses you more than me, despite the fact that I laugh and appear carefree.

Losing you causes unimaginable suffering. As far as I’m concerned, you are the brightest star in the sky. I hope your life in the universe of the creator is going well.

1st Death Anniversary Message for Husband

I can’t believe it’s 365 days already and I am here honoring the 1st death anniversary of my husband. I really do miss you my wholesome king and wish I can get to see you at least for today. Rest on baby!

It’s your first death anniversary, which shouldn’t even be a thing if death hadn’t snatched you away from me in the first place. Nevertheless, here I am today, speaking to you, my husband, from a distance. I only wish you were here.

Still, my heart finds it difficult to believe that you are no longer here. You were my pillar of support. There hasn’t been a day in the past year that I haven’t thought about you. I find it difficult to get over this agony. My husband, I miss having you here!

It’s been 1 year since I lost you to death and the fact that you are no longer with us still breaks my heart. You gave me courage. There hasn’t been a day in this past year that I haven’t thought about you. I find it difficult to get over this hurt. My husband, I’m missing your presence!

Even after a year, I still find it hard to accept that you are no longer here. Even after a year, I still miss you every day and I still don’t have the strength to realize you are truly gone. Every day I miss you more and more, my beloved husband.

Although I lost you a year ago, I’ll never forget you. RIP! It’s been challenging having to navigate life without you. You’ll live on in our hearts forever in our cherished memories.

Living without a loved one is the most agonizing experience there is. I am in so much pain after your passing that I am powerless to express it. The most difficult year of my life was the most recent one that I had to spend without you.

No one can ease the pain left behind by death. No one can take the memories of love away. When a loved one fades into memory, the memory itself becomes priceless. In celebration of the first anniversary of your passing, I’m posting this here.

2nd Death Anniversary Message for Husband

Every moment of our time together was a missed chance for me to express my love for you. Every year I anticipate it becoming simpler, yet every year I miss you just as much. Despite the fact that it has been two years since your death, I still mourn you dearly.

I know it’s been 2 years since you died, But did you really expect me to ever get over the grief your death brought on me? Well, there is no way that is happening. Rest on in the comfort of the lord my husband.

Despite the passage of two years, I shall always remember you. I shall always carry you in my heart because I adore you. Although time is meant to be a healer, even two years later the anguish is still present. The great memories I have of you will continue to exist.

Death is the arch nemesis we face in life, a battle we can never win. The void left in my heart by your passing cannot be filled by anything. I will always miss you, even though it has been two years since your passing. God grant you calm.

Everyone claims that time heals all wounds, but even after two years, I can’t stop crying. Sadness has taken over my entire being. I have no idea how I will get over this stage. Miss, you a much!

Since you passed away two years ago, remembering you has been simple; I do it every day. However, losing you causes me constant agony. For us, there are no farewells. No matter where you are, my husband, know that I will always love you.

2 years on and I still trying to fill up the huge hole you left in my heart. I really do wish I can get things going but I really do miss you and wish death did not snatch you away from me.

My husband, I never go a day without feeling your absence. I miss hearing you reminisce about your early years. And I miss your priceless counsel. On your 2nd death anniversary, may you rest in peace.

Remembering Husband on His Death Anniversary

My sweet husband, I miss you so much on this day. If I had my way I would have asked the lord to release you for today so we can spend time together and enjoy this time as a family. But since you are not here I just want to let you know I miss you.

Dearly beloved husband, I miss all of the times we shared. Not only had I lost my husband, but I had also lost my best friend. I miss you terribly! Hubby, please make sure to have a wonderful day in heaven!

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and the affection you frequently have for me. Although you may have passed away, in my heart, you will always be alive. Find comfort in being with the lord my KING!

Taking all that you did into account, It is no doubt that you really cheated death and forever be remembered among the people you had that much unreal influence on. Rest on in heaven, we miss you, hubby!

My husband, you might be gone but you can never be forgotten, you would always be remembered and your name will always hang around in and around the family. I miss you, my dear husband.

They who love more than the world cannot be divided by it. I love my husband who is in heaven and I hope we meet someday to never part ways since death cannot kill what never dies.

Never a day goes by that I don’t think of you and the affection you had for me. You will always be present in my thoughts. It was painful to have to say goodbye to you. But there is solace in the knowledge that we will eventually cross paths again. I so much love and miss you.

I’ll take you in my arms when we reunite and won’t let go. Even death could not sever the link that only our love could create. Your passing left a huge void in my life, which I try to fill with the affection we shared.

Sometimes only one person goes missing, but the entire planet appears to be empty. I sense a void in my soul without you in my arms. I can’t help it, but I keep looking among the masses for your face despite the fact that I know it’s impossible.

Death Anniversary Prayer for Husband

Dear, You made a profound impact on innumerable people during your lifetime, and even after you pass away, your good actions continue to live on. We constantly miss you! Rest comfortably knowing that my desires and prayers have kept you alive.

Although life has been challenging, you have taught me to never give up. I want to develop into someone you would be proud of. And I offer up prayers for you every day. Nothing, dear, can ever fully repair the void you left in our hearts years ago. I’d love to spend some more time with you.

Hubby Even though you are on the right hand of the Lord, I hope and pray that it brings you comfort to know that my wife and I and our children are praying for your welfare. My dear hubby, take comfort in heaven!

Two years ago, you went to a place from which no one ever returned on this most terrible day. I am unable to express what is taking place within me. You are missed every hour of every day. I hope everything is alright with you and the other angels.

Two years have passed since you left our beautiful planet, but my heart is still broken for you. I pray that God would give you enduring salvation. I want God to grant you, my wife, eternal peace.

We have no right to contest God’s will. But the fact that he called you right away hurts. May you rest in peace, my dear! You will never be forgotten, sweetheart.

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