50+ Special Blessed Birthday Prayer for Husband From Wife

As a wife you can agree with me that, every day is a chance to always wish your husband well and pray for him fervently, However birthday is a chance to make a powerful prayer for your husband.

Husbands are the cornerstone of every marriage, They usually do not always have all the time to themselves as they are out there getting their hands dirty just to see the wife/family get all they will be needing.

As a wife [working/house] and your husband’s birthday is fast approaching, More than gifting him, preparing for him a delicacy, sending him birthday wishes via text/Social media DM, or making a birthday wishes greeting card for hubby.

It is ideal to ensure that you take out your time and pray for him so that his new age will be blessed today and beyond.

If you are here because your husband is celebrating his birthday and you need a birthday prayer for husband to bless his day, Then you are at the right place.

In this post is a collection of “happy birthday prayer for my husband, happy birthday prayer for my lovely husband, birthday prayer to husband” that you can copy, paste, edit and send to your hubby via whatever medium or pray it with him in person.

Happy Birthday Prayer for Husband
50+ Special Blessed Birthday Prayer for Husband From Wife

Birthday Prayer for Husband

A brave man turns a year old today! My amazing hubby, you are an example to me. May the Lord continually bless you, provide you the ability to stand on the heights, and give you feet like those of a deer. I adore you.

Another day to rejoice about you, my lovely husband. I pray that God will continue to bless you and lift you above your expectations as you celebrate another year. I appreciate you being a wonderful father and husband. Your troop sends you best wishes for long life, health, and wealth. Cheers, sweetheart!

Oh my God! I am grateful to you for this wonderful life experience. We appreciate everything you did for my husband and me over the past year. Amen. May you guide my husband in the correct direction and may he never forget your grace.

You have a wonderful birthday, my sweet spouse. As your wife, I thus vow over your life that this year you will get all that you seek to God for. Have a blessed birthday ahead. Love you honey!

May you begin to communicate things that will uplift those around you. You’ll encourage people and praise God with your remarks. Amen. Happy birthday, to my most wonderful sweetheart.

Love, happy birthday. I pray that the Lord will answer your prayers. May He come through for you when you need Him. May He fill you with delectable food, exquisite wine, and heartfelt desires. Have a fantastic day!

Dear Father, as my husband celebrates his birthday today, kindly wish the person I love the most in the world a very happy birthday. Lord, shower blessings upon blessings on my precious man on this day. Amen. May he sense the blessings of today’s prayers for his birthday.

I sincerely hope and pray that you would plant your feet firmly in the rich soil of God’s tremendous love. And that you’ll be able to comprehend how great God’s love really is. Amen. My dear, happy birthday.

Birthday Prayer for My Husband

birthday prayers to my husband
Birthday Prayer for My Husband

You will be healthy and prosperous as long as your soul prospers. darling. God grants you the strength to continue setting a good example for others in your speech, behavior, love, faith, and purity. Amen. birthday blessings for my husband.

You are loved and respected, my dear spouse. Your strength and bravery are inspiring. and I am impressed by how you achieved your objectives. May the best aspects of your life start to emerge. blessing birthday wishes to husband.

I completely respect you because of the godly man you are, and I’m honored to walk by your side. God is to be praised for giving you life. Happy Birthday to my incredible husband! May the Lord keep you in his right hand and grant you his serenity throughout your life.

The noise made by the outsiders in your life will be silenced by the Lord. He will continue the song of the harsh and grant you a tremendous victory, which will cause your testimony to burst. Happy blessed birthday to my husband.

I prayed to God for a trustworthy buddy. You bestowed upon me a close buddy who is too magnificent to be merely a friend. I consider where we came from and where we are now. Amen. Please grant my hubby powerful birthday blessings.

Dear Hubby, as you become a year older today, May the Lord’s fire spreads out and devours his foes from all sides and not spare anyone who is an adversary of yours. Happy birthday to you, my husband.

Please, Holy Spirit, pour out all of Your goodness into my husband’s heart. Give him the ability to follow Your every move and to crucify his fleshly wants. As he obeys You and relies on You, bear abundant fruit in his life. Amen. Greetings on my lovely husband’s birthday.

Have a wonderful birthday, honey! Nobody pays as much attention to me as you do, and I always follow your advice. The clever man you are! By your side, I feel so cherished. I pray that God would continue to shine His light on you and grant you countless benefits.

Birthday Prayer to My Husband

birthday prayers for my husband
Birthday Wishes for My Husband and Prayers

Happy birthday to the guy who makes my heart dance with joy. May your river of joy run unhindered, endlessly. May the Lord prosper you on all sides and exalt your horn to resemble a unicorn’s. My love, savor this time of grace!

My darling, you bring me joy in a way that I cannot express. I cherish how it feels to be by your side; I enjoy being your wife. May God keep you safe, provide you with a life filled with success, and give you everything your heart desires. birthday blessings to my husband.

Oh my God! Please shower my husband with your love today and allow us to shower him with tons of love as a reminder of the love he has offered his family. Also, please make the upcoming year one filled with grace and blessings upon blessings. Amen.

Happy birthday to my husband! You will be anointed by the Lord for greater benefits and your prosperity will overflow. You are inscribed on the Lord’s palms, so the evil will not be able to touch you. You have a wonderful birthday, my sweet husband.

As you minister to others, may God’s love for you serve as your foundation and center. I pray that God would provide you friendships that will help and uplift you. Amen. Best blessing for husband birthday.

Happy Birthday, you lovely fellow! You make my heart flutter because you are obscenely attractive. I pray that, like wine, you will get better with age both inside and out. May God also be with you and give you a lot of happy days.

Hurray! It’s the King’s birthday party, therefore I can’t keep quiet. May the hosts of heaven rejoice over you as I honor you on this side of eternity. May the Lord take great pleasure in you and richly bless you for your obedient service to Him. birthday blessings to my husband.

Happy birthday, monarch of my affections. May your dominion reach every corner of the globe and your fame spread like wildfire. May you keep shining brilliantly like the star that you are. Have a blessed bday, hubby.

Short Blessing Birthday Wishes for Husband

Thank you, Almighty God, for giving my beloved spouse life. Amen. May it be a nice day, a wonderful day, full of your boundless grace and blessings. Best birthday blessings for my husband.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart. You are unique and cherished. I ask that you continue to receive blessings. I am content that you have aged a year today. More blessings for bigger deeds in your life.

May God’s attributes be shown in you as you mature in your connection with him as you become another year older today. May God increase and prosper the products of your labors many times over. Amen. Happy birthday, sugar.

Happy Birthday, you lovely fellow! You are a really handsome man with a pure heart. Lord, please grant my husband, his job, and our home your heavenly protection. Amen. happy blessed birthday to my husband.

Your heart will be filled with the unceasing flow of the Lord’s peace, which is like a river. You will be protected from every harm by the Lord. He’ll watch over and defend you. Greetings on your birthday, my love.

My husband is my rock in good times and bad, O God. Amen. May this particular prayer be for him to experience the love of everyone he showers with love today. happy blessed birthday to my husband.

You were unquestionably made in the divine likeness of the Lord, my beloved spouse. You were created in the image of God, and this image will always be reflected in your life. You have a wonderful birthday, my sweet spouse.

I hope you have a sense of entitlement to a prosperous life and that you are able to move in the direction of the success God has planned for you. Amen. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Birthday Wishes for My Husband and Prayers

birthday prayer message to my man
Birthday Wishes for My Husband and Prayers

You are my life’s brightness and my crown, my hubby. I hope that as long as you live, you will shine brightly and that God will watch over your heart more than anything. Amen. Happy birthday, love.

Oh my, standing next to you makes me feel like a euphoric adolescent once more. May God provide you the ability to walk on water, soar through the air, and soar to the summit of mountains with his assistance. birthday blessings to my husband.

You are a fantastic man unlike anyone else. Your enthusiasm and energy are astounding. You and I are a fantastic match because of your generosity, noble character, and powerful arms. May God bless you in his infinite mercy today and beyond. Amen! Love, happy birthday!

Husby, happy birthday. The present I ordered just for you is the finest present ever. You will soon receive a bundle filled with overflowing grace, incredible blessings, astounding breakthroughs, and much more. Enjoy yourselves, honey!

Lord, you are the one who made my beautiful husband and today’s wonderful day possible. God’s favor and peace be upon my wonderful hubby, my greatest friend, and my genuine love. blessing for husband birthday!

Happy birthday, dear husband. I freaking love you with all of my might. I send you my best wishes for a long and prosperous life. You play a significant role in my life. May you always be a beautiful reflection of God.

I want God to help my ever-loving husband pay heed to what He says and listen intently. I sincerely hope you would allow God’s words to enter your heart on a deep level because they will give you life and health. Love, happy birthday.

No present could ever fully reflect my gratitude to God for allowing me to share this precious day with you. May you always be accepted by both God and people. Dear, happy birthday.

Prayer for My Husband on His Birthday

Cheers, Tiger, and happy birthday! I’m crazy about you, my lovely hubby. You are amazing; you always know just what to do and make me blush so easily. May God protects you, help you accomplish all of your aspirations, and give you a long, happy life. Baby, I totally love you!

Love, happy birthday. Don your dance shoes since the storm has passed. From now on, your strength comes from the joy of the Lord. Everything that has brought you grief will now offer you enormous joy. Your testimony is here, and your tale has changed.

We are grateful for this new year, Heavenly Father. I am grateful to you for giving me such a wonderful husband, my lovely hubby. May he have a happy and Holy Spirit-filled birthday. Best birthday blessings for husband.

Happy birthday to the best hubby in the world! I ask that your labor progress from grace to grace and from heights to heights. The epitome of a good husband, you are. Congratulations on this fantastic addition to your life. Cheers.

Father, I ask that Your love be shown to our children through my husband. Help him to bring up our children in Your loving care, instruction, discipline, and admonition, Lord. Amen. Happy birthday to my hubby!

You are my favorite person and my love; you are the only person I will ever adore in the entire world. I praise God every day that I am married to you. May the All-Powerful shower you with an unending blessing and allow you to bask in his love and presence. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

On the day of adversity, the Lord will keep you secure. He will entrust you to His angels. May the Lord provide you with His blessings and grant you the pleasant things you desire. Husby, happy birthday. Enjoy yourselves!

I pray that you will be able to perceive each kind deed, a kind word, and the act of service as a gift to you and that you would be willing to accept it wholeheartedly and gratefully. Amen. Enjoy your birthday!

Special Birthday Prayer for My Husband

Thank you, Lord, for giving me such a wonderful husband who goes above and beyond. Amen. Please kindly remind me to express my gratitude to Him each day. birthday blessings for my husband.

Who would have thought that, even after all these years, I would still experience butterflies in my stomach whenever I think of you? You are such a sweetheart, and I pray that the Lord will visit you in every aspect of your life where his divine presence is required. Amen!

The love of my life, you have been there through all of life’s ups and downs (what an understatement!). Thank you for everything you do and everything you are, if I don’t express it enough.

Happy birthday to my husband! He who keeps watching over you won’t doze off or go to sleep, and neither the sun nor the moon will harm you during the day or at night. I ask that God keep you under his protection at all times.

Father, please assist me to keep my heart in submission to my spouse. In Jesus’ name, I ask for your assistance in honoring, valuing, adoring, admiring, and being profoundly in love with and enjoying him. Happy birthday to my children’s father!

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I’m very grateful that you’re alive; you’re a real blessing to me. May the Lord give you many reasons to smile each day, may he shower you with his benefits, and may he allow you to experience his unfailing love.

Happy birthday to you, my prized gem. Words alone can’t adequately explain how much I love you, therefore I prayed to the throne of grace for a special birthday blessings shower only for you. This new year, may the Lord richly bless you beyond your wildest dreams.

a happy birthday honey, May the Lord come to you and complete the mending He has begun in your body. May He heal all the flaws in your body. In the magnificent name of Jesus, Amen. Have a blessed birthday my husband.

Birthday Message to a Husband With Prayer

Husby, You are the perfect partner for me and a man I love and really respect; I wouldn’t trade being in your arms for anything. May you experience unending joy, unimaginable blessings, and unending grace today and always. I wish my dearest husband a happy birthday.

Wow, it’s another year today! This lovely day would not be possible without my soul partner. Everyone who is around you benefits from you. May you have an extraordinarily blessed day.

Happy birthday to the best husband there is. Nothing will be too large for you to handle, I am confident. Happy birthday, and may the Lord shower you with His blessings. happy blessed birthday to my husband.

Father, I ask God to make my husband the head of our marriage in the same way that Christ is the Head of the Church. I also ask God to make my husband love me in the same way that Christ loves the Church. birthday blessings to my husband.

To the amazing man behind my smiles, I pray that God helps you to value and enjoy having me as your wife so that your prayers won’t be interrupted. Amen. blessed birthday wishes for husband.

I must admit that when I think about you, I smile. I’m so content to be by your side, my love; you make me feel secure, appreciated, and adored. May you have good times on the best day. blessing for husband birthday.

My dear, happy birthday! You are an incredible man, and you should know that I completely respect and support you. May God grant you a long life, protect you throughout it, and shower you with benefits in plenty. I adore you.

The fact that it is your birthday today serves as a reminder that no one can push or love me like you do. I therefore ask God to keep you joyful above your means both now and forever in my prayer today. blessings for the husband’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Prayer to My Lovely Husband

My dear, it’s your birthday! May the Lord fill each day of the new year with cause for celebration for you. There will never be a day without an evident sign of God’s favor. Your fear will be removed by the Lord, and He will give you clear judgment and firm faith.

I see in you a blossom of blessings that the rest of the world cannot comprehend. Nothing will be able to dim your joy, my kind spouse. Today marks a year of your age. Happy birthday, and enjoy it.

Everything seems incomplete without you. Thank you for making me whole. I pray that you will never stop appreciating God’s blessings as you begin a new year. Happy birthday to the greatest father and husband!

Cheers to your birthday, my love! You’re going to have a fantastic new year. You’ll achieve greatness, honor will always be by your side, and victory will open doors for you. Your lot will be locked up. Enjoy yourselves!

I consider myself really lucky to have found true love so long ago. Being your wife and living in our house makes me incredibly happy. God’s blessings on you are unending. My dear, happy birthday.

Greetings on your birthday, beautiful dude! I thank the Lord for your life and the privilege of being married to you; talking to you is so reviving and beneficial. God be your strength and grant you daily access to witness his miracles, is my prayer for you.

I pray that you will be quick to accept responsibility for your errors and that you can make amends to those you have mistreated. Amen. Enjoy a wonderful birthday.

Birthday Prayer for Hubby

To my hubby, happy birthday! No one understands people like you, my love. I appreciate how attentive you are and how wise you are. I ask the Lord to continue to bless your life.

You are a valuable dude! I sincerely adore you and pray that you would take the time to respectfully learn from each event so that you can advance in the right way. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

Cheers to your birthday, my dear spouse! I feel proud and secure because of you. Being your wife is a wonderful blessing that I can’t even begin to express. I ask the Lord to continually pour out his presence in your heart.

Greetings on my husband’s birthday. I ask that all the positive things you have put into the world come to pass. In the name of Jesus, may God’s goodness and mercy envelop you. Enjoy your lovely holiday.

You brighten up my life like the moon and stopped my heart from breaking. I appreciate how you support me in raising our kids. May you never be taken from us by God. Cheers to your birthday, dad.

True happiness has been mine ever since you came my way. I will always love you. I wish you had more knowledge of bed styles today than you did before… Huge bear embraces and kisses. Sex partner, happy birthday.

My husband, I pray that God will work a miracle in your life and that everyone who sees you will witness God’s goodness throughout all of time. Happy birthday to you, my darling!

I strongly hope that you will select wholesome, reverent, and noble pursuits. I firmly believe that, in the name of Jesus. I wish my King a happy birthday!

Birthday Prayer to a Husband From Wife

May the good God provide greater joy and sweetness to every aspect of your life, my lovely spouse, just as you have brought the sweetest things into my life. Birthday greetings!

You have such amazing dreams and such vision! A privilege is becoming a part of your dreams! I appreciate you including me in them and being a part of yours. I beseech the Lord to give you his assistance so that you can climb the highest heights. Enjoy your birthday, sweetie!

I wish you a lifetime of happiness, an endless supply of favor, limitless blessings, and a variety of everything your heart sincerely wishes on this important day for you, dear spouse. Dear jewel, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, my love! You are an exceptional spouse and a spiritual man. We appreciate you teaching us the Bible and prioritizing God. I beg the Lord to watch over your life and grant you the opportunity to fulfill all of his promises as time goes on.

I pray that God would raise you with his mighty hand. May you have the grace to complete your race without putting up a fight. May you find success in all your endeavors. I wish my sweet husband a happy birthday!

Sweet husband, I thank God for sending me a perfect and magnificent man in you. May you reflect back on this year and have lasting memories. My husband, happy birthday.

I’m grateful for all the love and concern you’ve shown throughout the years. May you become wiser and more understanding as you age. We wish you a very happy birthday on our behalf and on behalf of our kids.

May God be with you and never forsake you as you leave for your daily tasks. He will be your shepherd, and you won’t ever have to work in vain. I really love you.

Birthday Prayer for Husband and Father

I sincerely hope that you will serve as an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with, that your life will represent the kind of person the Heavenly Father desires you to be, and that you will have a beneficial influence on future generations. Amen! My dear, happy birthday.

I wish my beloved hubby a happy birthday. I give thanks to God for giving me you today because we have each other for the rest of our lives to support and adore.

Blessings on your special day, honey! Being with you is a wonderful journey, and I beseech the Lord to give you countless days of unending joy. I sincerely love you!

I ask God to open heaven for you on this particular special day. Wishing you a season-appropriate dew from heaven and a blessings shower. Happy birthday, darling spouse! Have a great celebration!

Dear Lord, provide my spouse with constant protection and guidance. Father, give him a good heart to be a nice and caring person. Give him permission to do so; our father graciously blesses our family and our children. I wish the king of my heart a happy birthday.

May God grant you the big blessing you have been praying for so many years. You will be the recipient of blessings that surpass human comprehension both now and forever. Amen. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

From now on, your words will help you and others around you grow. May you serve as a catalyst for individuals to accept God. Amen. Dear, happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my one and only! To be married to you is an honor. Thank you for having such courage and trusting God. Your faith in him motivates me. I hope and pray that the Lord would guide you and be gracious to you constantly. I cherish you.

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Husband

Birthday greetings, honey I wish you a long, healthy, and happy life in God’s presence and in the realm of the living. In times of adversity, the Lord will be your haven, your strength, and your shield. You will avoid the evil ones’ schemes and plans. Have a great day!

May your birthday, my darling spouse, provide us with a chance to cultivate real intimacy and keep pursuing each other with respect, admiration, and the passion of love. Happy birthday, youngster.

On the occasion of my husband’s birthday, I thank the Lord for him. Bless him with affection, hilarity, stability, and happiness now and every day!

The best thing that ever existed is my hubby. Forever and always, I love you. May life always be filled with surprises. A happy birthday to you, Crown.

Perhaps the pace of life on earth is faster than we realize. But because I have a handsome and devoted husband like you, everything in my life seems to be pleasing to me. Dear, happy birthday.

Wherever God’s grace is found wanting, the Lord will go before and after you, and you won’t be there. Happy birthday, my King, and may God keep you safe and prosper you always.

My husband, I ask God to help you every day in every manner and to make sure that lines fall for you in lovely locations. Because this is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice in Him today. Happy birthday, sweetheart spouse! Get up and shine.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for [husband’s name] and the blessing of our marriage. We are grateful for the love we share and the joy we have together. Please assist us in growing our affection for one another and give us the fulfillment that comes from knowing you. Amen.

Birthday Prayer for Husband in Christianity

I give God praise every day for your existence and the privilege of being your wife. You are a wonderful partner, and I am very blessed to have you, sweetie! I have no words to express how important you are to me. I ask the Lord to bless you abundantly in heaven! Birthday greetings! I adore you.

In the name of Jesus, I pray to the Father that my husband will let the Word of God powerfully and richly dwell within him. Salutations to my devoted hubby on his birthday.

May the Lord constantly make your life beautiful. May the halo of His presence envelope you completely. May you live a life that honors God in every way and brings him tremendous glory. In the name of Jesus, you will receive many miraculous testimonies in the coming year. You’re welcome, my pumpkin. My sweet, loving spouse.

I admire how straightforward you are and how you deal with problems when they arise. May you never have to use your wisdom in the past. Have fun today. You’re welcome, honey.

From this point on, I fervently hope that your heart will possess sufficient strength to adore God.  You have another chance on this birthday to express your love for God and your gratitude for everything that He has done for you. happy blessed birthday to my husband.

Oh Lord, I pray that on this day, which is also my husband’s birthday, he would have the knowledge and fortitude to guide his family in Your ways and that You will continue to assist him in effectively managing his time with the many responsibilities he has to attend to during the day.

Throughout the upcoming year, may God shower you with His unending love, comforting peace, and heavenly delight. Happy birthday blessings to husband!

When you wake up today, my hubby May the good God make all your endeavors successful; everything you set out to do today will be a tremendous success. To my king, a happy birthday!

Birthday Prayer Message for My Husband

Love, happy birthday! You have my sincere gratitude for your life! You are a wonderful husband and father; having you close by makes me a better person. I hope and pray that the Lord will always give you his power and joy!

Thank you, God, for giving me such a lovely hubby! Every day I am appreciative that you gave him to me! On his birthday and always, may you grant him joy, companionship, and contentment in all that he does. Amen

Greetings on your birthday, my sweetheart. May the Lord bless you with favor, grace, mercy, and joy in the coming year. You will spend the remainder of your days in tranquility, good health, and a sound mind. Enjoy your day, my darling.

I’ve had no regrets about getting married to you. May today signal the start of more fortunate news. Best blessed birthday wishes for husband.

Birthday Prayer for My Husband in Yoruba

yoruba birthday wishes for husband
Birthday Prayer for My Husband in Yoruba

Akinkanju eniyan pe omo odun kan loni! Olukọni iyanu mi, iwọ jẹ apẹẹrẹ fun mi. Ki Oluwa ki o bukun fun ọ nigbagbogbo, fun ọ ni agbara lati duro lori awọn giga, ki o si fun ọ ni ẹsẹ bi ti agbọnrin. Mo feran re.

Ojo miran lati yọ nipa rẹ, mi ẹlẹwà ọkọ. Mo gbadura pe Olorun yoo tesiwaju lati bukun fun ọ ati ki o gbe ọ ga ju awọn ireti rẹ lọ bi o ṣe ṣe ayẹyẹ ọdun miiran. Mo dupẹ lọwọ pe o jẹ baba ati ọkọ nla. Ẹgbẹ ọmọ ogun rẹ firanṣẹ awọn ifẹ ti o dara julọ fun igbesi aye gigun, ilera, ati ọrọ. E ku, ololufe!

Oluwa mi o! Mo dupẹ lọwọ rẹ fun iriri igbesi aye iyanu yii. A dupẹ lọwọ gbogbo ohun ti o ṣe fun emi ati ọkọ mi ni ọdun to kọja. Amin. Ki o ma dari oko mi lona to pe ki o ma gbagbe oore-ofe re laelae.

O ni a iyanu ojo ibi, mi dun oko. Gẹ́gẹ́ bí aya rẹ, mo jẹ́jẹ̀ẹ́ lórí ìgbésí ayé rẹ pé ní ọdún yìí ìwọ yóò rí gbogbo ohun tí o bá ń wá lọ́dọ̀ Ọlọ́run fún. Ni ojo ibi ibukun niwaju. Ni ife oyin!

Jẹ ki o bẹrẹ ibaraẹnisọrọ awọn nkan ti yoo gbe awọn ti o wa ni ayika rẹ ga. Iwọ yoo gba eniyan ni iyanju ati yin Ọlọrun pẹlu awọn asọye rẹ. Amin. O ku ojo ibi, si ololufe mi ti o dara julọ.

Ife, ku ojo ibi. Mo gbadura ki Oluwa dahun adura yin. Jẹ ki O wa fun ọ nigbati o nilo Rẹ. Kí Ó jẹ́ kí ó kún fún oúnjẹ adùn, wáìnì yíyanilẹ́nu, àti àwọn ìfẹ́-ọkàn àtọkànwá. Ni a ikọja ọjọ!

Baba ololufe, bi oko mi se n se ayeye ojo ibi re loni, ki eni ti mo feran julo laye ku ayeye ojo ibi. Oluwa, bukun ibukun sori okunrin mi iyebiye lojo oni. Amin. Ki o ri ibukun adura oni fun ojo ibi re.

Mo nireti nitootọ ati gbadura pe ki iwọ ki o gbin ẹsẹ rẹ ṣinṣin sinu ilẹ ọlọrọ ti ifẹ nla Ọlọrun. Ati pe iwọ yoo ni anfani lati loye bi ifẹ Ọlọrun ti tobi to gaan. Amin. Eyin mi, ku ojo ibi.

Conclusion on Birthday Blessings for My Husband

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