Blessing Birthday Prayer for My Son From Mother and Father

Birthday Prayer For Son – The day of your son’s birthday is special. It is a day when you brought him into the world.

You two have watched him develop over the course of days, weeks, months, and years as parents, and you are happy to be a part of his life.

Since his birthday is right around the corner, this is very much another opportunity to say a special birthday prayer for your son.

I understand that chance might not always be on your side or you might just need a template of “birthday prayer for my son” to get an idea which is certainly what this page will offer you.

For your sake, I have created this collection of well-written “happy birthday prayers for my son, a prayer for my son on his birthday, birthday prayer message for my son, and birthday wishes and prayers for my son” all you have to do is to copy, paste, edit, and send to your son or make a birthday card off it for him.

Blessing Birthday Prayer for My Son
Blessing Birthday Prayer for My Son From Mother and Father

Birthday Prayer For Son

My Heavenly Father as my son is a year older today, I pray that it will be a year full of gifts, I also pray that you make his days joyful and pour love into his heart. So that he can learn more about you every day as you lead him. Greetings on your birthday, dear son!

As you turn a year older today, keep in mind all you have to be grateful to God for. Your pillar has always been God. And He won’t ever leave you. Best son, happy birthday.

I pray that you may continue to be blessed and kept by the Lord on this lovely day of your birth. You will experience His goodness and mercy now and every day of your life. Birthday blessings for my son.

Sweet son I’m overjoyed that you have been given another year. I ask God to grant you the knowledge and courage to face every obstacle in your path. I want to remind you that God has a magnificent plan for your life. My son, happy birthday.

Thank you so much, God, for giving me this wonderful boy. He has greatly improved my life and my heart. May he enjoy a long life and carry on bringing us joy. Happy birthday, blessing son.

Dear God, please make your love known to my son as he starts a new year. Please instill in him the idea that everyone should be treated with the same respect as his or her sibling. Happy birthday, my adorable son!

I am grateful to God for giving me a great son. Son, you have my undying affection. I join in your joy as you add another wonderful year. I pray for you to grow in strength and age well. My son, happy birthday.

I wish you the very best that this world has to offer, my son. May God keep you safe and direct your actions so that you might have a meaningful life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, cheers!

Birthday Prayer for My Son

birthday prayer to a son
birthday prayers for my son

Wonderful son, I want to say a special prayer for you to begin your Big Day. May the Lord continue to keep you safe and lead you down new pathways. May He always go before you and take out all the barriers that get in the way of your prosperity and happiness. Amen!

You have been a blessing in my life, my son. Your lovely voice and presence have brought magic to my usually uninteresting life. I am happy that we are together today and always shall be. Enjoy your special day, son.

my adorable son As you start a new stage in your life, I wish that you will possess all the traits necessary to lead a contented and prosperous life. My son, happy birthday.

May you, my cherished son, be shielded from the evil schemes of your adversaries. And may joy always remains in your heart. I’m wishing my cute son a very happy birthday.

I’ve always felt you’ll develop into a fantastic man. Give God praise for guiding you. My wish for you today, son, is that you have a long, happy, and healthy life. My son, happy birthday.

Dear Father in Heaven, please let my son always feel Your presence with him—in the rain and in the light. Keep an eye on him as he develops and make sure he’s happy, healthy, and strong. Help him reach out to others’ spirits the way I have seen you do so frequently before. Enjoy your special day, son.

My dearest son, I wish you a happy birthday and a lifetime of good health, tranquility, contentment, and all else you might possibly want from life. Make sure to have a nice day!

Birthdays are the best days of everyone’s life, For your birthday, my son, I can’t help but be thankful to God for all he has done for you. Today, when I look at you, all I see is a fresh start. Happy Birthday Prayers to you My Son.

Happy Birthday Prayer to My Son

My favored son, I wish you a lifetime of excellent health, mental clarity, joy, and everything else you could possibly want from life on your [insert age here] birthday. Cheers to your new age!

Son, there was a lot of anticipation leading up to your birth. I was so eager to have you in my arms. You have made my life full of many wonderful moments that I will always treasure. There is a lot I want to say about you, but there isn’t much time. Cheers to your birthday, son!

It’s possible that you’re not where you should be. But keep in mind that you are not where you once were. Godspeed as you begin a new year and a new chapter in your life. My son, happy birthday.

Son, may you receive heavenly wisdom on your birthday so that you might soar on the wings of success in all your pursuits. Godspeed as you begin a new year and a new chapter in your life. Enjoy your lovely day, my adorable son!

Loving God! I ask that you grant my kid a year of excellent health, pleasure, love, and happiness on his birthday. Give him the courage to make wise decisions and aid in directing him down his life’s path. Amen. Blessing birthday wishes for son.

Dearest son, as you clock [inster age] today i pray that God in his infinite mercy will keep an eye out on you and embrace you in his loving arms. Whatever your heart desire may he provide them for you effortlessly. In Jesus’ name amen.

My son, I ask the Lord to give you courage in everyday life. In the midst of life’s difficulties, may you discover joy, and may your heart find the fortitude to endure its difficulties. blessing birthday wishes for son.

It’s your birthday, son, and I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating. May you always be the leader and never the follower, and always avoid the enemy’s traps at all costs. Enjoy a fantastic birthday.

Prayer for My Son on His Birthday

Prayer for My Son on His Birthday
a birthday prayer for a son

The Lord, who enabled me to conceive of you and deliver you without incident, will never leave you. Continue to flourish. My son, happy blessed birthday wishes my son.

My beloved son, may God give you the strength to slay every Goliath in your life on your Big Day. Although I love you but know that God loves you more than I do. Keep moving forward, my humble kid. My son, happy birthday.

Naturally, I pray for my son every day. But today I specifically pray to God to give my son pleasure, happiness, love, and peace. He has all we’ve given him, but we ask that you honor the man my son has grown into.

I think you get me. When I’m pleased or upset, you know it. You understand my desires. Son, you make me whole. May positive things continue to occur in your life as you age another year. My son, happy birthday.

Enjoy your birthday, son! May this year be fun, exciting, and joyful for you! You have radically altered my entire universe. You give me the confidence of a rock. I thus ask God to grant you whatever it is that will make your life happy. AMEN!

Kind son, I pray that the Almighty would give you courage that surpasses Sampson’s so that you can overcome every challenge and fear that you may face in life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Since today is your birthday, I want to thank God for your lovely heart, sharp mind, and smile. I pray that God will continue to be with him in all of his ways. Thank you for being with me today as he enters your world. Best of luck to your new age, my son.

Please bless my little son, O Lord. I ask that you show him how much he means to me and that you grant him excellent health and happiness, and always ensure his safety to and fro. Amen! Birthday blessing for my son.

Happy Birthday to My Son Prayer

I pray that God will continue to be with him in all of his ways. May God’s goodness and kindness shine upon you this year and always, just as the sun does in the morning. Happy blessed birthday my son!

On your birthday, my son, I just ask for your happiness in life. May you always be shielded from the prying eyes and ill intentions of others. Dear son, blessed birthday wishes to you.

Dear God in heaven! Keep an eye on my little kid this year and in the future. Encourage him to develop into a guy with a heart and smile as wide and noble as his father. Bless his educational and fun school years. Amen. Enjoy your special day, son.

Your day is here, and it’s fun and joyful. Greetings on your little prince’s birthday. May God provide you with a lifetime of joy and His heavenly guidance. I cherish you. Happy birthday blessing son.

I have always known you to be that person who always brought joy into my life and the lives of many others, just like others have as well. I ask that you always soar well above in response to that. Blessed happy birthday son.

You’ve always taught me that a mother’s love for her kid is the best kind of love. I thus pray that you will also encounter God’s love in your life, both now and always. AMEN! Happy blessed birthday wishes my son.

You are a light in my life, and I am so grateful to have you as my son. May this birthday mark the beginning of wonderful things in your life. God bless you. Happy blessed birthday my son.

We ask you, oh God, to guide our son—who is also your son—throughout his life and assist him in making judicious use of his time. Let him be content, healthy, and knowledgeable so that he can benefit those around him. Amen! Happy blessed birthday son.

Prayer Birthday Message for a Son

Prayer Birthday Message for a Son
birthday prayers for a son

As today is your birthday, I pray that it will bring greatness to your life, and may the Lord grant you health, wealth, loyal friends, and, most importantly, genuine happiness. blessing birthday wishes for son.

Thank you, dear God, for this day. Thank you for giving me a son who makes me feel so proud and who makes me laugh and enjoy life every day. Please guide him in acquiring wisdom daily and in continuously being in service to himself and others. Happy blessed birthday my son.

I wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, and serenity on this special day! I also pray that you will always be as happy as you are right now and that all of your aspirations will come true.

I give God praise for making my character plain to me. Son, you’re the finest. I’m grateful that God has kept you thus far in your life. It could only be God. Dear son, happy birthday.

My son, I pray that you will succeed in whatever you do and that happiness will encompass your life as you celebrate this important day in your life. My son, Blessed happy birthday to you!

Father, as my son celebrates his birthday today, grant him all the GOOD things his heart desires. May he be safe, secure, and content in every manner. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen. Happy blessed birthday my son.

My son, happy birthday! For every fantastic dream you’ve ever aspired to have, I send you prayers and pleasant thoughts. May God give you a wonderful, unforgettable year filled with success and joy.

Dear God, we ask that you guide our son, who is also your son, and aid him in making wise use of his time throughout his life. So that he can be helpful to those around him, let him be content, healthy, and knowledgeable.

Prayer for Son on His Birthday

You’re charming, clever, polite, and entertaining to be around. You are my fortitude. I ask that God grant you unmatched insight and divine knowledge. Happy birthday, my dear.

Almighty God, Please look over my little man and help him to be good, caring, and brave. Give him the resolve to overcome any obstacles, the bravery to confront anything or anybody, and the knowledge to choose the right course. Please ensure his safety, health, and happiness. Happy blessed birthday wishes my son.

My son Since the day you were born, you have been an inspiration to me. Because no one deserves a happier existence than you, I pray that all the good things in this world will come your way. My son, I adore you. Blessed happy birthday son.

In addition to being proud of everything you have accomplished thus far, your father and I are also very happy that you have brought us so much joy. In the name of Jesus, I hope that you never stop making us happy.

Isn’t it fantastic that my boy has grown into a mature adult? In Jesus’ name, I pray that this day will be dynamic. You will be blessed, as well as everyone around you. Greetings on my son’s birthday.

One day won’t be enough for me to express my gratitude to you, my son. I ask God to grant you today’s wish and to bless you abundantly in return for your unwavering support. May you experience a lot of happiness, friendship, and fun throughout your life. Blessing for son on his birthday.

Son, you have another wonderful year ahead of you. Gain knowledge and insight. In the name of Jesus, may this not be the last. Amen. Happy birthday, my amazing Son!

I wish that God will bless you with all the wonderful things in life on this great day of yours. May you receive benefits from the Lord that are above human comprehension. You will be kept and protected by the Lord. My son, happy birthday.

Birthday Prayer for My Son From Mom

Birthday Prayer for My Son From Mom
a birthday prayer for son from mother

I’m grateful to the Lord for endowing my son with the capacity for love and for teaching me how to be a father. Assist him in realizing he is never alone and in striving to be the greatest person he can be. Happy birthday blessings to my son.

I ask the Lord to grant you a long and healthy life, my son. I am grateful to God for giving me a son like you. I appreciate you being the best son a mother could have. Birthday blessings to my son.

You are maturing so quickly, dear son. Even though I have prayed for you constantly, today I particularly that God helps you love with all of your heart, soul, and mind. I pray that you will be an excellent child of God who lives righteously in every sense. Happy birthday to my sweet little kid.

You are a wonderful gift from heaven, my son. It feels wonderful to hold you near to my heart. I am aware that it is my duty to mentor you, watch after you, and ensure that you make the most of this life. But since it’s your birthday today, I give everything to God to be your guide. Amen!

The Lord will protect you from the devil’s trap. May you be far from grief and misery. May He give you the courage and knowledge you need to accomplish your goals. Happy blessed birthday son.

Loving God! We wish you a lifetime of love, health, and happiness for our kid. Help him develop into a well-rounded individual who is also unafraid to be unique. I humbly ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.

My son, I’m overjoyed to witness your continual development. I’m glad to have you in my life. I beseech you to maintain this smile throughout each and every day, free from sorrow. My son, I want to wish you a happy blessed birthday.

My life was complete when you were born. Since then, you have made me laugh and smile so much that I have lost count. You are the most incredible kid ever. I’m very happy to be your mother! Birthday blessings for my son.

Blessing Birthday Wishes for Son From Father

Dear Heavenly Father Here is my birthday prayer from father to son. Please watch over my Son and grant him the courage and discernment to lead him through life. Please keep an eye on him and keep him safe from anybody who would hurt him.

You know how much I miss my kid, oh Lord. I ask that you protect him while he travels through the world. May he have the happiest life possible. Happy birthday, son! Having you here has meant so much to me. Son, I adore you!

My wonderful son as you celebrate plus one today, I, your father pray that God will impart to you the numerous lessons that you might not otherwise recognize. I pray that almighty God helps you maintain your kindness and humility so that you’ll never lose the desire to assist others. Amen.

Here is a birthday blessings for son from father, Lord, I appreciate the unique gift of my son. I ask that you grant him a day filled with all the lovely things life has to offer. Lord, may the ground grant him an increase. He will serve as a palace pillar in the temple of the Lord. Amen!

Please, God, make my son’s birthday a memorable one. Please allow him to have a really wonderful day that he won’t soon forget. He should always be in good health and joyful. today and for many years to come in the name of Jesus!

As my lovely son clocks plus one today, I pray that his life shall not be wasted, nor shall it be used to trade the life of another. Amen. He will live a long time to enjoy the results of his labor. Enjoy a happy birthday. Happy blessed birthday wishes my son.

You have developed into such a wonderful young man, my dear son! just as I’ve always imagined you to be. You are incredibly wonderful, and I ask God to keep you safe each and every day. Make the most of today and enjoy it to the fullest while remembering how much your father loves you.

Today is another occasion for me to honor a cherished son like you. May you age gracefully for years to come. The Lord will make the good things of the earth find you. Your voice will not be muffled by the enemy. You will live forever in the house of the Lord. Happy birthday blessing son.

Birthday Prayer for My First Born Son

My FIRST son, I’m overjoyed to see how much you develop every day. I’m glad you’re a part of my life. I beseech you to maintain this smile all day long and every day without experiencing any sorrow or melancholy. Happy birthday prayer for my first son.

On this special day, my dearest first son, I light this candle to wish you all the happiness in the world. May you always be aware of our affection for you and the joy you provide us on a daily basis. I wish you well!

My first son, I pray that you will succeed in whatever you do and that happiness will encompass your life as you celebrate this important day in your life. Blessed birthday prayers for my first son.

I give God praise for His love and fidelity in your life during the past few years. I give thanks to Him for another momentous day like this, and I will always be eternally glad that He brought you into our life. You are a delight and happiness in a package. Happy birthday prayer to my first born!

You’re charming, clever, polite, and entertaining to be around. You are my fortitude. I ask that God grant you unmatched insight and divine knowledge. blessing birthday prayer to my first son.

Happy birthday to my full first manifestation in the flesh! I hope you will be successful in everything you do. Happy birthday, kid! I was grateful back then, I’m grateful now, and I’ll keep being grateful for God’s gift to humanity.

I feel so fortunate to have such a beautiful son. You have always been a source of joy and happiness in my life. Dear God,  I ask that your love pursue him on this day when we all celebrate his birth. May he prosper in life and always have your protection. My first son, happy birthday!

Your life will always be filled with many memorable occasions, such as your birthday and the birth of Jesus. As you enjoy every moment of life, may God provide you with good health and pleasure. Blessed birthday prayer for first born son.

Blessing Birthday Wishes for Son With Name

God, give my son James the strength to overcome any obstacle that tries to pull him down. May he excel academically, participate in sports, and make plenty of friends. I wish him the fortitude, bravery, and discernment to always make the correct decisions in life.

Dear [son name], You are God’s gift to the world. I appreciate everything. As a family, we have really advanced. I want you to know that no matter what, we will always be here for you. Birthday blessings to [son name], my son.

Hey [son name] I ask the Lord to keep you as you gain another year today. May He grant you peace and joy now and every day. You will be protected from all harm by the Lord, and you won’t make a mistake in everything you do. My son, happy birthday.

It is your birthday my sweet [son name], I hope you’re in good health and have the guidance of God to make the right choices. I also hope God will grant all your good heart desires. Happy birthday blessings to my son.

[son name], You are my shining star and I will show you a lot of love and blessings today because it is a wonderful day for you. I wish you good health, a loving spouse, and happy life. Blessing for son on his birthday.

Please, Lord For my son, I pray. May You continue to bless and lead him as he celebrates his birthday today. Bless this new year of his with fresh possibilities, and fill it with love and fun. I chastise each person who would take his life. Dear [son name], happy birthday.

Lord, watch over [son name] for me. Please Encourage him in all of his endeavors. Protect his complete steps in life and make him a nice child. Greetings on my lovely son’s birthday!

Hey [son name], every time I look at you, I get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It has been a tremendous pleasure to watch you develop your abilities. I ask the Lord to give you great success. Happy blessed birthday my son.

Short Birthday Prayer for My Son

My son, I hope you keep working hard in school and in your hobbies so you can become the guy I always thought you would be! Best blessing birthday wishes for son.

On your birthday, my son, where we as your parents could not go and the height you could not achieve, I pray that God will use those things as your beginning points in life. Amen.

As my son clocks another age today, Dear God, I thank you for keeping him healthy and safe. I also thank you for being my son’s best friend. Happy BDAY son!

As you are entering a new age son, may the almighty shower His blessings on you. May He fill your life with supernatural favor and grace. I bless God for a wonderful son like you.

I hope you discover happiness with yourself on your birthday. May you experience all the wonderful things in life.

Dear God, as our son turns one today, support him to always be kind and keep him safe. Bless my son with good health, adoring pals, and knowledge. Mommy and Daddy, with love.

Blessings on my dearest son’s birthday! The ideal son any mother or father could ask for is you. May God keep you in his strong grasp and grant you continued blessings.

As you celebrate today, the Lord will exalt you above your adversaries and give you the strength to succeed and perform marvelous deeds in His vineyard. Dear son, happy birthday.

Prayers for My Son on His Birthday

Your entrance into our lives was like a light that kept our lives shining, and every year you do, thanks to your kindness. You are the world’s ideal son. I cherish you.

You are now one year older, my one and only son, and I wish you a wonderful life. I also pray that the Lord will keep you and continue to bless you. Happy birthday to my wonderful and kind son!

My son, happy birthday. You have a kind heart and are courteous. Not out of necessity, but out of desire, you care. God bless you, please. My son, happy birthday.